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Wednesday, 22 July 2009

The Merb Way

I am really happy to see that there is a new book to learn Merb. This book is published by Addison-Wesley, one of the best IT publishing company. The book covers most of the features, including routing, REST, DataMapper, ERB (Erubis) and HAML, Merb mailers, Behavior Driven Development and testing with RSpec. I think that there is more than enough to write an enterprise application with Ruby and Merb.

This is a list of the topics taken from InformIT web site:
  • Master Merb innovations that will be incorporated into Rails 3
  • Understand the fundamentals of Merb development, one step at a time
  • Use Merb’s sophisticated application router to guide incoming requests
  • Explore the Merb stack, master its configuration options, and dive into its internals
  • Use Merb controllers to integrate application code, handle responses, and manage sessions, filters, and exceptions
  • Build templates with both ERB (Erubis) and HAML
  • Use the DataMapper ORM to represent object properties and behaviors
  • Learn best practices for RESTful development with Merb
  • Leverage Helpers to simplify many common development tasks
  • Refactor code, encapsulate it in gems, and share it across multiple applications
  • Customize the responses your application sends to each user
  • Gain a deep, practical understanding of Merb plugins and extensibility
  • Authenticate users with Merb’s modular authentication plugin
  • Configure, generate, describe, and test Merb mailers
  • Use the merb-parts gem to create component-like regions on Web pages
  • Cache content to relieve stress on Web servers
  • Make the most of Behavior Driven Development and testing with RSpec



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