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Thursday, 25 June 2009


I am sad to announce the PHP 5.3 has a new goto statement. From a paper of Dijkstra (1968) the goto statement has been considered harmful and so many year after PHP introduce a goto statement. I think that the spaghetti coders will be happy of using goto in their programs. But what about the credibility of PHP in the enterprise. Zend is claiming that PHP is a good technology for the enterprise environment, well, I do not think so.

Why do not why start to use GWBasic for web programming?


Edsger Dijkstra (March 1968). "Go To Statement Considered Harmful" (PDF). Communications of the ACM 11 (3): 147–148. doi:10.1145/362929.362947. "The unbridled use of the go to statement has as an immediate consequence that it becomes terribly hard to find a meaningful set of coordinates in which to describe the process progress. ... The go to statement as it stands is just too primitive, it is too much an invitation to make a mess of one's program.".


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