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Sunday, 14 June 2009

Web Services

This week I have learnt so many things about web services. Eclipse and Axis2 are very useful to create, consume and register web services. The main protocol are SOAP, WDSL and UDDI. SOAP is use to exchange the messages, WDSL to describe a web service and UDDI is directory service used to register/publish web services. It is possible to access a web service using only UDDI, but this approach does not follow really the UDDDI standards. There is an alternative to UDDI, created and maintained by IBM, is known as WSIL, but UDDI is more well known. OASIS maintains UDDI.

Useful links:

UDDI on Wikipedia
Code Generator Wizard - eclipse Plug-in
Eclipse WTP Tutorials - Creating Bottom Up Web Service via Apache Axis2

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