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Friday, 5 June 2009

Performance of PHP platforms

I tested some different platforms to see which one has the best perfomance. I tested Zend Server CE, a SAMP environment and Resin with Quercus.

The Zend Server is running on my PC:

OS: Windows XP
Processor: P4 HT

This is the script that I used to test the performance:


This script is executed in 4.317 seconds on the Send Server CE.

The Resin Server Pro, with the compile option for better performance, executes the script in 12.72 seconds. The Resin Server with GPL license, without the compile option on, executes the script in 13.60 seconds. Both of versions of Resin are installed in my PC.

The SAMP server, is on a Solaris server, 32GB RAM and many CPUs. The execution time on Soalris is 36.79 seconds! On Solaris is used the Apache Handler and there is only eAccelerator, not APC.

My conclusion is that having a caching module on, it makes a big difference. Having Zend Server CE makes a huge difference. I do not think that Resin Pro is quite better than the GPL version, since the difference is very little.

In the end I would choose Resin Server with GPL license. A unique benefit is to have the integration of PHP with Java and the other dynamic languages, running on the JVM.

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