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Friday, 20 February 2009

JBoss AS Tools

After testing JSP and Servlet with Tomcat, inside Eclipse, I thought to try JBoss AS, the famous application server of Jboss. How to install JBoss AS and JBoss AS Tools in Eclipse:

  1. Download JBoss AS 5, decompress it in a directory.
  2. In Eclipse, click on Help -> Software updates and Add-ons, type jboss in the filter and press enter.
  3. Flag 'JBoss Tools Relaese' and follow the simple installation procedure.
  4. Then click in Window -> Preferences -> Server -> Runtime Environments, click on 'Add', select the directory where you have extracted JBoss AS, select the JRE (I think that it should be and SDK). Click on 'Finish'.
Now JBoos AS is installed and can be start, stop inside Eclipse.



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