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Saturday, 27 June 2009

merb new Ruby framework

merb is a new framework for Ruby. Why we need merb if we have Rails? merb has data mapper as default ORM tool, which is more powerful than ActiveRecord when dealing with complex databases, plus is more modular and orientated to the enterprise. Matt Amionetti has mad a presentation at QCon, in San Francisco, which is highly suggested if you are interested in merb.

I tried to install merb but the installer crashes because a file is missing in the repository. I have to say than the documentation seems quite incomplete and the web site is quite poor in the design and contents.

However merb is a quite interesting framework, new enterprise ORM, RSec built-in, modular... I will have a look in the future, probably, now I will stick with Grails (built on top of Hibernate and Spring). For web development the better choices are Grails, Rails and now merb (although too young).

Merb: When Flexibility and Performance Matter
merb framework


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