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Saturday, 15 December 2012

Raspberry Pi

Today I received my Raspberry Pi! I bought this book: Raspberry Pi User Guide. It is short, simple and a practical book. Most of the book is written for Linux newbies but the second part has an expalantion on how ot use the GPIO. I realised I can power the board with an iPhone power supply but I need a micro USB to deliver the power... I am using my Kindle USB cable! The box wrapping the Pi could be used as a 'PC case', but I will have to drill it to connect the cables. I downloaded this program to flash the 2GB SD card: The Linux distro to be flashed in the card is available on the Pi web site, I download the Debian image but I think I will try the Arch Linux version too. At the initial boot I set up the keyboard, local time and other settings, the configuration menu is very simple. The Windows manager is lightweight and powerful, I love it. I am having an overall good impression.

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